A transmission is basically a gearbox that converts speed and torque from a rotating power source to another device using gears and gear trains. Transmission service is a part of your car’s routine maintenance.

Types of Car Transmission

1. Manual transmission
2. Automatic transmission
3. Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
4. Semi-automatic and dual-clutch transmissions

If you keep your car long enough, it will require transmission repair at some point. Recognizing the signs that a transmission service is needed is the first step to getting the proper transmission repair work completed, hopefully preventing a more expensive transmission repair down the road!

Common Problems :

1. Fluid Leaking onto Your Parking Place

If you start to notice stains under where your car is parked, you vehicle may have a leak. Dab the spots with a white cloth. If the fluid is pink, your car is leaking transmission fluid. If the fluid is brown, it may be dirty transmission fluid or oil. Either way, get your car to the mechanic right away.

2. Vehicle Lurches from a Stop

If you’ve noticed lately that your vehicle lurches when you start it from a stop, it’s time to call for a transmission repair service. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, your vehicle should begin moving smoothly from a stopped position. It you are having problems with it jerking or it seeming as if it doesn’t want to go, this may be a sign that you are in the midst of experiencing transmission trouble.

3. Vehicle is not Staying in Gear

If it lurches while you’re driving or refuses to stay in gear, you should look into transmission repair service without any delay. Gears slipping are signs of an automatic transmission trouble; gears slipping in a manual transmission signal clutch trouble. Either way, if you keep driving your car and forcing it into gear, you risk damaging the transmission further. Don’t increase the cost of your repair by doing this. The sooner you take it in, the better.

4. Strange Noises and Vibrations

Grinding, banging, pinging, and other strange noises coming from your engine, particularly when your vehicle is shifting gears is yet another sign that you might need a transmission service. Sometimes, the issue is simple, such as low or dirty transmission fluid. Other times, the noises may be caused by a more severe problem. Either way, it isn’t worth the risk to keep driving. You don’t want to end up stranded on the highway. If you hear a noise that isn’t normal, have it checked out.

Vehicle’s transmission is a complex piece of machinery that is comprised of many parts. If any one of them begins to fail, the whole transmission might fail. If you notice any of the signs above or anything else unusual, take your vehicle in for some best transmission service in UK who can offer quality service and carry out the necessary repairs at the first time itself, rather than having you make repeated visits.

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