Car Service

Regular servicing at MKL Motors will help to keep your car healthy, which in the long run, helps to save you money.

The majority of manufacturers recommend having your car serviced once a year, or about every 10,000 miles. However, this recommendation is subject to change based on your vehicle’s age, annual mileage, and whether or not it is still covered by a warranty. If your car is out of its warranty period, we provide a variety of in-house servicing levels to suit vehicles of all ages and these are our Major, Full and Interim Services. On the other hand, if your car is still within its warranty period, you can even have it serviced at MKL Motors, and we will follow the manufacturer service instructions so that your warranty will not void.

At MKL Motors we can service all makes and models of cars. We also have a significant proportion of our skilled workforce who are fully capable to to repair hybrid and electric vehicles.

We’re independent. That means customer satisfaction is very important to us and we want to look after you and your car time and time again! We are VAG specialists and HEVRA-approved to work on electric and hybrid vehicles, providing a comprehensive range of garage services for all makes and models.
Trusted by generations and have a solid reputation in UK area for the high quality of our work and our team’s friendliness, we look forward to welcoming you all to the MKL family.

Some of the Best Car Services that We Offer:-

1. Tyre check including pressures and tread depths

2. Essential fluid levels checked and topped up

3. Visual disc brake check

4. Check, clean and adjust all brakes including rear drum brakes

5. Washer/Wiper blades check

6. Lighting check

7. Steering and suspension check

8. Brake fluid boiling point test and report

9. Coolant freezing point check

10. Check operation of air conditioning system

11. 12v battery test

12. Visual check of high voltage cabling

13. High voltage cooling system check

14. Visual check of high voltage charging points

15. Stamp service book

16. Replace engine oil filter

17. Remove road wheels, clean mounting surfaces

18. Lubricate all hinges and bonnet catch

19. Fault code read of system control unit

20. High voltage battery check and report

21. Road test and report

To find out more about our Car Servicing in UK area, contact us online or call us directly on 020 8133 6004

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