Being the native of the United Kingdom you must be aware about the MOT test (Ministry of Transport, or simply MOT) which is an annual test conducted for all vehicles that are three years old and are running on the roads throughout the country. During this test different types of mechanical examinations are conducted to assess viability of driving or riding such vehicles on the streets of the UK. If, you are found driving or riding a vehicle which has not undergone MOT Test, for your travel purpose, then you might be punished and even your driving licenses can be discarded by the local transport authorities.

How does the MOT check tool work?

Use our free MOT check tool to see whether your car needs a MOT. This tool is available online and allow you to quickly and easily check the MOT status of your vehicle by entering its registration number. The tool will provide you with information about the date of the vehicle’s last MOT test, the expiry date of the current MOT, and the vehicle’s MOT status (e.g. pass or fail).

What our MOT check includes?

Our MOT check includes a ton of information about the car, such as the vehicle’s specifications and DVLA registration information, in addition to all the MOT information you require.

MOT expiry date: the day the vehicle’s MOT is due and the number of days left.

MOT test result: All of the MOT test results, including the date, time, notices that the vehicle failed the MOT and, if applicable, advisories.

MOT mileage history: Full mileage history as kept on file by the MOT technician during the MOT test.

MOT mileage Issues: Our system detects and points any mileage problems discovered during various MOT tests.

Why the vehicle failed the MOT: Full list of failures notices why it failed its MOT as provided by the MOT stations.

Days left to next MOT due date: Countdown to next MOT date if MOT is valid or shows how many days it’s been without an MOT.

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