Engine Performance

There is nothing wrong in wishing for a faster or more fuel efficient car. Everyone desires for such a car but thoughts of buying such are put to end due to the higher costs. But now you can make your dreams come true by getting ECU mapping for your car, which makes it faster and economical for a lower cost. This process is also known as Remapping, Tuning or Chipping. It gives effective results and is gaining popularity among people. The purpose of chipping is that it gets more power of out of your car engine.

Modern car have an electronic management system which controls the fueling and its functioning is handled by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). When you press on the accelerator the ECU decides how much fuel and air is to be mixed and pushed to the cylinder for ignition. Functioning of various fuel engines is different but basic understanding of this concept is not affected by it. If you get your engine tuned or remapped the ECU parameters are needed to be changed to improve the performance and for getting more from your engine along with being economical. Remapping of ECU can be done in number of ways; the most common one connects the vehicle to diagnostic port and updates the ECU of your vehicle. This is very easy and quick task which takes less than an hour to complete. One simply uploads a new map to your ECU and the job is done.

The above method is a standard map. Another method is the one that offers customized mapping option which has higher price but it is tailor made to fit the cars requirement, purpose and design. It gives more effective results as compared to standard map. Customized method adjusts your fueling.

Powerful performance isn’t the only benefit of tuning your engine. Many people have resulted in getting better mileage after remapping. So chipping the engine might be beneficial in long by saving your fuel expenses. But the fuel efficiency can’t be saved if you have a heavy right foot. With your vehicle chipped you can boost up your vehicle’s capabilities making it easier to drive uphill with load.

Whether to get the car remapped or not is based upon several factors. If you want better mileage, fuel efficiency and better boost from the turbo then it would be suggested that you go in for a remap. Because it will be worth the money you spent.

ECU remapping is a complex process that needs to be done under expert guidelines. Get in touch with MKL Motors to get the best advice in regards to engine performance and tuning.

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