The role of the brakes in a vehicle is very important as they are the most essential component of a vehicle’s safety. If you want to be safe and sound, make sure your brakes are in good working condition. Usually a person needs a brake repair when they start experiencing some form of grinding when they push down of the brake pedal.

The most common types of brake problems that result in brake repair include:-

• Clicking sounds that occur during braking
• When there is difficulty stopping the car
• The brake pedal pulsating during braking
• ABS light come on for the antilock brakes
• Increased drag during acceleration
• Grabbing or pulling on one side
• Grinding or squealing noises when the car brakes

However, here are a few things you can check out yourself before scheduling a brake repair:

* Check the fluid level and determine if more is needed
* Check the cap and make sure it is fitted snuggly on the cylinder
* Make sure it is not leaking or showing obvious signs of past leakage
* Visually inspect the cylinder externally for fluid leaks.

What else could indicate that your vehicle requires a brake repair! An external fluid leak is a visible indicator of a necessary brake repair. The master cylinder usually has a plastic reservoir that holds the fluid. This reservoir is mounted to the metal part of the master cylinder by rubber grommets, and it can leak fluid.

Another indication of a needed brake repair is when the metal lines that are attached to the master cylinder leak fluid at the threaded connections. It can also leak from the back of the master cylinder due to the internal O-rings. When this happens, the fluid will drip down the power brake booster, indicating that you should have your vehicle inspected.

So if your vehicle experiences any of the above symptoms, don’t delay having your vehicle’s brakes checked out by a trusted auto mechanic.

What We Offer?

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