It can ruin your day if your car’s air conditioning suddenly stops working. You will not be able to bear a confined, cramped car. Use this guide to diagnose and inspect typical automotive air conditioning issues and repairs. Tips for troubleshooting your car’s air conditioner are here below.

Check out, if you have been facing any of the following issues with the car:

• Car AC not cold enough
• Car AC blowing hot air in all conditions
• Car AC not blowing at all
• Car AC not blowing cold air

5 common symptoms of failing car AC system are as follows:

• Strange Noise from AC
• Low car AC cooling
• Clogged AC Expansion Valve
• Bad odors or Smells from car AC
• AC System Leakage

Let’s take a closer look at these Car AC symptoms to see what they actually mean.

Strange noise:

Noise is frequently caused by a failed AC compressor, but other common causes include the use of the incorrect lubricant or refrigerant that has been cross-contaminated. The problem could also be caused by holes or other broken components. MKL Motors’ car mechanics can analyze your air conditioner and repair the broken item.

Low cooling:

If the air conditioning is running, but is not blowing enough cool air there could be blockages or constraints in the car ac cooling coil that would prevent air from reaching over the condenser. Otherwise, if the condenser’s cooling fans aren’t functioning when the air conditioner is turned on this could also be the reason and needs a repair.

Clogged expansion valve:

The expansion valve evenly distributes the exact amount of refrigerant to the evaporator. The refrigerant does not flow into the evaporator if the valve is obstructed. As a result, the refrigerant will begin to freeze, and the valve will also freeze if moisture is present.

Bad odors from Car AC:

Fungi, bacteria, and micro-organisms can emerge when the AC system isn’t in use, particularly during winter. A right inspection and flushing of the AC system by a professional can be done to mitigate this problem.

AC system leak:

Hoses and rubber seals can lose their elasticity and break over time letting Freon to leak and moisture to enter the car’s air conditioning system. Moisture reacts with refrigerant to form a corrosive acid that damages the system. It can be resolved by repairing any obvious leaks or recharging the refrigerant tanks.

Like for your air conditioners at home which are regularly serviced before use, MKL Motors advises yearly car AC service so that the car ac continues to run fine. Our technicians are highly trained in AC system repairs. They will inspect your vehicle’s AC system for any leaks or wear and make repair recommendations, if necessary.
So, if you’re vehicle is not providing the desired cooling it should, let MK Motors to take care of you! Call us at 020-8133-6004 or schedule and appointment today!

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